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AG250 – Aerosol Generator

AG250 – Aerosol Generator

For the generation of aerosols with defined properties, testing of clean rooms / boxes LF / safety cabinets, airflow 0-250 L / h, Easy to use / Handy / Maintenance.

AG 250, Aerosol Generator

The AG 250 aerosol generator has been designed for generating test aerosols with defined properties. The in-built flow meter with needle valve allows adjustment of the required concentration. By using the VD 100 dilution system combined with the AG 250 and a particle counter, the control of clean rooms, laminar flow boxes and safety work benches is enabled.

Principal application fields of the AG 250 are filter tests, acceptance- and control measurements of clean rooms, laminar flow boxes and safety work benches. The compact stainless steel housing ensures very easy handling and operation. The AG 250 features a controllable flow meter for adjustment of the required concentration. Centrepiece of the AG 250 is a binary nozzle with pressurized air supply according to the injector principle and a free accessible container for the liquids to be atomized.

With the AG 250 aerosol generator you are realizing the control of:

  • Clean rooms pursuant to VDI 2083/ DIN1946
  • Laminar flow boxes
  • Cytostatic safety cabinets pursuant to DIN 12980
  • Microbiological safety cabinets pursuant to DIN 12950
  • Calibration standard: latex aerosols

  • User friendly
  • Easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Variable concentration
  • Very high particle generation
  • Stainless steel housing

Volume flow: 0 – 250 l/h
Filling qualtity: max. 80 ml
Power suply: 230 V
Particles: Di-Ethyl-Hexyl-Sebacat (DEHS), Dioctylphthalat (DOP), Paraffin, Latex,
Polyalphaolefine (PAO, Emery 3004)
Weight: ca. 4,5 Kg
Dimensions [cm]: L 28 x W 12 x H 16
Production: Made in Germany by KM OptoElektronik GmbH

AG250 – Aerosol Generator

AG250 Aerosolgenerator, Bild
AG250 Aerosolgenerator, Datenblatt
AG250 Aerosol Generator, data sheet

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