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DEHS, Di-2-Ethylhexyl-Sebacate

Liquid medium for creating aerosols with defined properties, application for monitoring of clean room facilities,
Container sizes: 0.1 L – 0.5 L – 1.0 L – 5.0 L

Radio remote control

Two-channel remote start/ stop

Hard shell case PELI™ Cases

For comfortable transportation and storage of particle counter ACS Plus, made of impact resistant, extremely tenacious plastic, water- and airtight with telescopic carrying handle


Enables direct sampling at pneumatic lines, bypass provides targeted derive of exhausts via filter or tubing

  • Pressure range: 30 – 150 psig
  • Flow rate: 1 CFM
  • Gas conditioning: dry, non-toxic
  • Compressed air supply: unilaterally closing coupling socket, nominal width 7,2
  • Dimensions [cm]: 19,1 x 5,7
  • Weight [Kg]: 0,57
  • Material: nickel-plated aluminium, brass

Isokinetic probe

  • Circular probe, anodised aluminium or nickel-plated aluminium
  • Rectangle probe for filter scans, anodised aluminium or nickel-plated aluminium

Hard carry case for AG250/ VD100

Combined equipment and transport case

Air sampler “Impaktor FH5”

Compact battery operated equipment for determination of germ concentration in air and, applicable for impaction- and filtration measurements

  • Dimensions H x W x D [cm]: 28 x 15 x 15
  • Weight [Kg]: 4,5
  • Material: aluminium surface

Sampling gun

Remote sampling start/ stop with integrated diode function, start- and stop button, piezo-buzzer for particle detection with 5 m control cable and connection for isokinetic probe


  • Air velocity: range: 0 – 2 m/s
  • Differential pressure: range: 0 – 50 Pa
  • Temp/RH: range: » T: 15 – 35 °C »H: 0 – 100 %


  • PAS Particle Analysis System Software, evaluation software for measurement data from ACS Plus series particle counter
    The encrypted measurement files can be displayed distributive or cumulative, in histogram or tabular form with the aid of PAS software. The data export feature facilitates further computerised evaluation and filing of the recorded measurement data. The chosen data format is compatible with most commonly-used spreadsheet programs.
  • PWIN/ PMULTI, evaluation software for LS/ ACS/ LDPC series particle counters
    PWIN software for single use/ PMULTI software for networking (monitoring systems) is used for control, evaluation and digital documentation of measurement files. The measurement files can be displayed distributive or cumulative, in histogram or tabular form.

Wheeled stand

Holder for isokinetic probe, telescopic stand up to 4 m height

Table top

Stainless steel stand for isokinetic probe

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