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Calibration and maintenance

In order to be able to rely on the measuring accuracy of your measuring devices permanently, it is extremely important to have the measuring devices calibrated. In ISO 21501-4 – second edition 2018-05 point 6.9 Calibration Interval it is pointed out that the calibration of the LSAPC should be carried out in an interval of maximum one year. The requirements should be met during the calibration interval.

Air meter and ISO 21501

Compared to liquid particle counters, the calibration of air particle counters presents greater challenges, since air samples must be generated that contain submicroscopic particles with a homogeneous size and distribution. Although air particle counting technology is well known, the ability to calibrate any two air particle counters to produce the same results when sampling the same air sample has proven difficult, which compromises the accuracy of these instruments. ISO 21501 now offers a calibration method that can significantly improve the repeatability and reproducibility of air particle counters.

We calibrate and maintain particle counters, aerosol generators, dilution systems of various light sources in tested quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 either at our factory or at your site.

  • Calibration according to ISO 21501-4
  • DKD calibrated reference devices
  • Reference particles traceable to NIST standards
  • Specially trained measurement technicians
  • Archiving of all quality records for at least 10 years

Factory calibrations

  • 24h express calibration – by appointment
  • Bring and pick up service
  • On request, a loan device can be provided for the duration of the calibration 

On-site calibrations

  • Short reaction times – if necessary within 48 hours
  • At the customer’s request also on weekends

Repair service

  • 24h response times
  • Bring and pick up service
  • On request, a loan device can be provided for the duration of the calibration

Rental service

  • Particle counter
  • Aerosol generators
  • Dilution levels
  • Equipment
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