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ACS Plus – High End Counter

ACS Plus – High End Counter

Portable particle counter with built-in system interface, range from 0.1 microns with a max. 16 freely selectable channels, particle size, measured according to ISO 14644-1 / VDI 2083 / DIN 1946-4 / EU GMP / Fed-209 E, PC-evaluation via PAS - Particle Analysis System software.

ACS Plus, High End Counter

User friendly – Easy to handle – Efficient

  • Size range from 0.1 µm with a maximum of 16 freely selectable particle size channels
  • Flow rate 1 CFM, optionally with 50 L/ min. or 100 L/ min.
  • Built-in measuring data memory for 50.000 measurements
  • Access authorization concept with password protection
  • Software PAS for evaluation of the measured data via PC
  • 8.4“ LCD TFT display
  • Optionally with removable/ rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for easy operation at various measuring points
  • CAN-BUS Interface for management of a network spanning up to 32 particle sensors (slaves) without need of additional hardware
  • Weight: approx. 10 Kg
  • Made in Germany by KM OptoElektronik GmbH

Hidden talents

Not every feature is obvious at first sight:


  • Grip plate for easy and comfortable transportation, thus enhancing cleansing due to improved surface design


  • USB host port 1.1 for FFD or memory stick for subsequent evaluation of measuring data, in particular for operation at various measuring points
  • RS232 for service and firmware updates
  • Ethernet remote diagnosis administration
  • Connections for air velocity, differential pressure and Temp/RH probes
  • Control of a measuring point switch
  • Firmware download via CAN port
  • Potential-free alarm output
  • Thermal printer 58 mm

Flexible functionality

Yesterday: US Federal Standard 209 E. Today: ISO 14644-1 and Annex 1 to EU-GMP Guide. And tomorrow? What ever happens, you are always up-to-date due to the learning aptitude of the high-end counter ACS Plus. The firmware update is provided via the integrated CAN interface, i.e. you can entirely comply with future requirements.

With regard to the measurement evaluation the high-end counter ACS Plus is unequalled as well. Numerous functions are available to facilitate further processing and evaluation of measured values. The large-sized display allows both a table form and graphical presentation of raw data.

Furthermore, you may choose between a distributive and a cumulative output of measured values. The data export feature facilitates further computerised evaluation and filing of the recorded measurement data. The chosen data format is compatible with most commonly-used spreadsheet programs.

  • PAS – Particle Analysis System Software
  • Aerosol generator AG250, AG2500
  • Dilution system VD100
  • Isokinetic probe
  • High-Pressure-Diffuser
  • Air velocity probe, differential pressure probe, Temp/RH probe
  • Remote start/ stop
  • Hard shell case PELI™ Cases
  • Wheeled stand
  • and much more, please visit our accessories page to find suitable accessories for your application

Ergonomics For the development of the high-end counter, flexibility in function and reliability were of particular importance, with special focus on application and handling ergonomics. The compact and sturdy construction allows easy transport and safe installation of the particle counter ACS Plus.

Easy-handling The large-size display with touch-screen function and concise menu navigation ensures a simple and trouble-free implementation even of major settings. Furthermore, the built-in access authorisation concept offers an easy way to grant specific access permissions for individual operators. In addition the non-reflecting display surface allows a data reading from greater distance.

GMP- conforming design One of the main conditions for the application of equipment within a GMP controlled area is a surface design being suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. This of course also applies to particle counters. In this regard the capabilities for clean room applications as well as the resistance to detergents and disinfectants are most important technical features which have been implemented with the design of the surface characteristics.

Flexible monitoring Adapted to application requirements the high-end counter ACS Plus may be used as a stand-alone unit or as a network monitoring system. Via device interface with appropriate sensors it is always possible to monitor and record temperature patterns, relative humidity, differential pressure and volume flow, if desired. The implementation of an alarm panel has also been considered.

Always a correct configuration An intricate device re-configuration for standard measuring tasks is no longer necessary. The high-end counter ACS Plus allows storing a multitude of measuring point basing master data, e.g. measuring point denotation or alarms and thresholds. In particular, this ensures a significant setup time saving for routine measurements as well as a minimisation of error risks caused by incorrect data entries.

ACS Plus – High End Counter

ACS Plus High End Counter, Bild
ACS Plus High End Counter, Datenblatt
ACS Plus High End Counter, data sheet

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