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ACS – Air Count System

ACS – Air Count System

Range from 0.1 microns with a max. 16 freely selectable channels, particle size, measured according to ISO 14644-1 / VDI 2083 / DIN 1946-4 / EU GMP / Fed-209 E, PC analysis software via PWIN for single use / PMULTI for networking several devices.

No longer available!

ACS, Air Count System

The ACS series optical particle counter covers the size range 0.1 – 10 µm. Measurement and evaluation of the collected data in accordance to standards ISO 14644-1, VDI 2083, DIN 1946-4, EU-GMP and Fed-209 E. Due to its compact and lightweight construction the ACS particle counter is an excellent choice for both stationary and mobile application.

Control and supervision of:

  • Clean rooms
  • Laminar flow boxes and safety work benches
  • Filter units in operating theatres
  • Ambient areas of filling systems in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Process media
  • As well as efficiency and integrity of filters

User friendly, efficient handling is ensured by the easy, multilingual menu navigation. During the measurement the LCD display shows an overview of the chosen particle size channels as well as actual time, measuring and rinsing time. The results may be displayed in tabular or histogram form.

Probes for air velocity, differential pressure and Temp/RH can be connected directly. The system allows to print out all data via thermal printer and/or to store them on a floppy disc. Using the internal communication interface RS232/ RS485, the control and evaluation via PC is enabled. Furthermore, the ASC offers the feature to network the devices for filter testing stands respective monitoring systems.

  • Size range from 0.1 µm with a max. of 16 freely selectable particle size channels
  • Evaluation according to ISO 14644
  • Measuring according to ISO 14644-1, VDI 2083, DIN 1946-4, EU-GMP, Fed-209 E
  • Electronically monitored air volume control
  • Connection options for air velocity probe, differential pressure probe and Temp/RH probe
  • Intelligible entry dialogue
  • Easy multilingual menu navigation (German/ English/ French/ Turkish)
  • Alphanumerical input
  • Speed button for entry of ID numbers
  • Made in Germany by KM OptoElektronik GmbH

  • Software PWIN for single application, PMULTI for networking
  • Aerosol generator AG250, AG2500
  • Dilution system VD100
  • Isokinetic probe
  • High-Pressure-Diffuser
  • Air velocity probe, differential pressure probe, Temp/RH probe
  • Universal air sampler for control of microbiological air quality
  • Remote start/ stop
  • Internal 3.5” floppy drive
  • Aluminium case
  • Wheeled stand
  • and much more, please visit our accessories page to find suitable accessories for your application

ACS – Air Count System

ACS Air Count System, Bild
ACS Air Count System, Datenblatt
ACS Air Count System, data sheet

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