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LDPC – Monitoring System

LDPC – Monitoring System

Range from 0.1 microns with a max. 16 freely selectable particle size channels, networks of up to 32 sensors, various possibilities of the vacuum supply customized solutions for your cleanroom.

LDPC, Monitoring Systems

The LDPC series particle sensors have been specifically designed for the manifold measuring tasks in cleanrooms. The flexible connection via RS-485 bus system utilizes the LDPC series for all common measuring methods and standards used in the pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor production, biotechnology and many other manufacturing processes with cleanroom conditions. In particular, the continuous particle monitoring of the LDPC system offers superior performance compared to conventional monitoring systems: The installation in an existing cleanroom requires minimum effort and each sensor can be provided with either an internal or external vacuum pump which saves the labour of installing vacuum nets. It is also possible to connect the LDPC sensors to an in-house vacuum net.

Using the LDPC series monitoring system, you’re able to realize the continuous control and supervision of sensitive production processes. The LDPC is used in the:


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor technology


Probes for air velocity, differential pressure and Temp/RH as well as audible alarm transmitters can be connected directly to the system.

  • Size range from 0.1 μm with a max. of 16 feely selectable particle size channels
  • Networking with up to 32 sensors
  • Can be connected to the central building control system
  • System available with internal vacuum pump, external vacuum pump and connections for in-house vacuum system
  • Connections for air velocity, differential pressure and Temp/RH probes

  • Air velocity probe, differential pressure probe, Temp/RH probe
  • Alarm console with optical and audible alarm, acknowledgement function
  • Isokinetic probe with stand
  • Installation accessories for the integration in cleanrooms
  • and much more, please visit our accessories page to find suitable accessories for your application

LDPC – Monitoring System

LDPC Monitoringsysteme, Bild
LDPC Monitoringsysteme, Datenblatt
LDPC Monitoring systems, data sheet

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